Let's get to work...

Our services range from everyday garden maintenance, to a full landscape design package where we create your garden from scratch.

Whether you’re after something big or small, Ambient Earth is here to help.

Landscape Design

Our landscape design package involves us collaborating with you to create preliminary sketches and a rough concept of your garden design.

We will then draft a series of full professional plans for your landscape, including design features, layout, dimensions, levels, and plant and material schedules. For more complex designs, we’ll also provide construction details and specifications.

From $1200

Outdoor Styling

Breathing new life into your garden can be as simple as updating your furniture, pots and garden accessories. Our styling package is ideal for people with balconies or small courtyards, or renters who want to bring some personality into their outdoor spaces.

We’ll visit the site for a consultation, then create a series of mood boards detailing colour schemes, materials, plants and accessories, a layout plan and a product specification list. Additionally, we can arrange sourcing and installation, for a complete end-to-end refresh of your outdoor space.

From $500

Garden Maintenance

We’re seasoned experts in complete garden maintenance, including hedging and topiary, seasonal pruning and shaping, lawn care, weed and pest management, implementation of feeding regimes, soil preparation, planting and mulching.

We put an emphasis on using natural, sustainable products whenever possible. Where required, we work with our qualified irrigation specialists and arborists for more specialised work.

Gardening is a very satisfying and grounding experience. It is ongoing and ever-changing. This is why we always encourage our clients to be involved with the garden maintenance process as much as possible. We love to see people form a deep appreciation for their garden and to watch it grow to it's full potential.

From $

Planting Plans

You have two choices with this service. For a more basic option we can provide you with a series of Mood Boards showing images and names of proposed plantings without specific locations, or for something more detailed, we can provide you with a layout plan of your garden showing exact location, numbers, sizes and images of each plant species.

This allows you to fully visualise what the completed project will look like. For an extra cost, we can take care of all sourcing and installation too.

From $600

Productive Garden Plans

Productive gardens are the way of the future! We’re knowledgeable and experienced in the management of fruit trees, as well as herb and vegetable requirements. By applying the basic principles of permaculture to any space, we can provide you with the design, installation and maintenance of a productive garden that is beautiful too. Remember, no garden space is too small to be a productive one!

From $600