We create gardens that make your house a home

Ambient Earth creates and cares for gorgeous residential and commercial gardens, all over Sydney and beyond

We listen to clients

to craft a vision that is unique to you

We use horticultural experience

to make sure plants thrive

We put our heart into our work

to make something truly special

What We Do

Planting Plans

We use horticultural knowledge, plant expertise and design principles to give new life to existing garden beds

From $600

Landscape Design

A full landscape design package including scaled drawings, 3D modelling, documentation and specifications

From $1,200

Outdoor Styling

Ideal for renters, balconies or preparing for a special event, we give your existing outdoor space a fresh new look with the simple addition and placement of pots, plants and furnishings.

From $500

Garden Maintenance

Ongoing garden maintenance, including pruning, hedging, lawn care, pest, disease and weed control. Everything your garden needs to reach it's full potential

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